For My Boys – A little thing that i can never tell


Once Upon A Time

“If they are from a big company, they can win them” – they said.

“They’re cheater, they dont deserve to win” – they said.

“Its their fault, because they win them” – they said.

“Go to HELL” – they said.

They dont understand.

They dont want to understand.

They will never accept.

“Cruel, arent u?” – I said.

“Im getting sick of this” – I said.

“Nothing” – Is all i can do for them now.

“This thing” – Is the only thing i can do. Not for those war things, but for my heart and my feelings right now about my boys.

I dont fuckin care what other will talk abt this, they have their things to care, they see things from their sides. Never will they accept this.






They lost, they’re hurted.

Arent we hurted if we lose? We’ve
been through this hurtful many times before.

And now…

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